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Project Management in the Age of Covid-19

With the Covid-19 crisis, there is no doubt that we are in an unprecedented period of uncertainty. It has meant a considerable slowing of economic…

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling: The key to unlocking value from your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program

When it comes to extracting value from your EAM processes, the determining factor in whether your organization is efficient and cost-effective, or unproductive with cost…

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The Four Essential Elements of Successful Business Transformation

As companies continually strive to improve financial performance, drive innovation, and seek out new opportunities for growth and profitability, there will be inevitable shifts in…

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What Corporate Social Responsibility means for your business’s bottom line

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just about feeling good by giving back to the communities you serve it’s about driving business performance while doing…

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Michon Kerlin joins Engage Energy and Industrial Consulting

Engage Energy and Industrial Consulting would like to welcome Michon Kerlin as our Director of Client Services and Business Development.  To support our continued growth,…

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Sideview Mirror

Operational Blind Spots

I recently had a very unsettling experience while I was driving in Pittsburgh. I started to change lanes on the parkway, only to suddenly hear…

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Black Swan and Grey Rhinos

Managing risk: Black swans & grey rhinos

How are you managing risk? What steps are you taking to build robustness against the negative impacts of risk? Are you developing programs that address…

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Nuclear Power

Nuclear power: Zero carbon power generation

The energy sector has long been vocal about the importance of keeping nuclear as a baseload resource in our country’s power generation portfolio. Unlike coal…

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Corporate social responsibility in a dynamic global society.

4IR We are in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) being shaped by the digital transformation of our global economy. This transformation is putting markets…

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Is it Groundhog Day for your enterprise asset management (EAM) program?

If you are an energy or industrial executive who is responsible for the operational and financial performance of your organization, ask yourself these questions: Are…

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