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Hello! What’s your why?

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If you’re like us, you most likely spend a lot of time thinking about your work, your impact on society, and your unique purpose in the world. Maybe you’ve found the answers. Maybe you haven’t yet. Maybe you’re somewhere in between, and you just need a roadmap to keep moving you in the right direction. Regardless of where you are in your journey of why, one thing remains certain: Your why exists, and it’s meant to be shared. Individually, our purposes are quite different. Collectively, they are a positive force for good.

Thanks for being here

I’m Don Racey, and I’d like to extend a warm hello to you from all of us at Engage Energy & Industrial Consulting. I’m the founder and CEO of Engage, and our why is clear:

We design business processes that embrace positive environmental, social, and economic principles so the full potential and value of your company can be realized.

Energy and industrial companies face many issues. Engage helps them address the specific challenges of:

  • Corporate governance and social responsibility
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Technology

Whether you are in the energy and industrial industries, or you work in an entirely different field, are these challenges familiar to you? Or are they something you just started to think about?

Are you paying attention to rapidly changing markets to ensure your company’s long term financial and operational sustainability?

As a business leader, here are a few helpful points to keep in mind:

  • Utilize a strategic technology roadmap to drive automation and productivity
  • Create an active employee engagement program that promotes continuous improvement
  • Make corporate social responsibility a driving force for risk management and governance

Engages’ philosophy is built on the knowledge that to truly transform an organization, it must be done through meaningful improvements that lead to massive gains in performance.

My why

I’ve been both fortunate and blessed to work with great companies and extremely talented people. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on projects throughout my consulting career that gave me tremendous insight into the nature of leadership, employee engagement, and how and why decisions are made—both good and bad.

As my experience grew, I strongly felt I had something unique to offer the marketplace. The idea of starting a new company and creating something special began to sprout. I began this journey by writing down simple statements and random thoughts that I felt were important me. These quickly transformed into personal goals and principles that would eventually form the foundation of Engage.

During this period, like many of us have, I came across Simon Sinek’s video, Find Your Why. That video had a profound impact on how I began to think about my work, my own unique purpose, and the positive impact I wanted to make on society by starting a new organization.

Your turn, tell us your why

We know so many of you are doing great and meaningful work, too. We believe each individual and company has something that makes them remarkable. What makes you unique? What’s your why? How are you sharing your gift to benefit others? We’d love to hear from you!

Engage Energy & Industrial Consulting’s company philosophy and values serve as the foundation for everything we do today. The name Engage holds meaning for us. Our clients understand that we engage with them, not work on them. We feel we’ve created something special, and we believe you will, too.  We are excited about the opportunity to engage with you! Let’s keep in touch.